Mike Martin Bootcamp 2022

The First 10 Only Then Its Closed Until 2023

This Bootcamp has been designed to help you achieve long-term success as an online professional. 

You will not get rich in a week and you will need to commit yourself and put in the work, but when you do you find long-lasting success growing your own online business.

I did not finish school and had no experience online when I started my company which grew to over 6 figures a month. If you feel you need a bit of direction and you want to have someone to help and support you along the way then you are in the right place.

We intend to run this Bootcamp over 6 months so you won't be rushed and you will only have to allocate 1 or 2 hours a week to this maximum.

  • Month 1 - How to break down the fundamentals of a local business so you can always find a profitable niche to work in and will never struggle setting up a successful online business ever again.
  • Month 2 - How to build a local website so it will rank online long term which means you can rely on your asset and not worry about Google penalties.
  • Month 3 - How to write content that Google loves so your web pages will rank and they will also convert prospects into customers.
  • Month 4 - How to get Google to index your web pages so that they all show up online meaning customers can find what you're selling easily.
  • Month 5 - How to implement Magic Page Plugin into your local strategy so your website is seen everywhere and you get 10 times more work than with a normal website.
  • Month 6 - THE BIG BONUS - This secret weapon will provide all your backlinks and rankings for the next 3 years without you lifting a single finger or paying another penny. (This usually costs $500 a month so is worth $18,000 and is the reason we can only allow 10 people into our Bootcamp this year)

  • We will meet once a month and there will be a place you can submit any questions or issues for a response. 
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